In the past few years, Wall Street has experienced some difficult market conditions. Several banks are have gone to digital marketing services to avoid losses. Between all of this, it’s important to know if the bank that you’re with can hold their ground during these times.
Here’s a list of the 10 best banks in America based on the value of their assets.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Assets: $2.35 trillion
Several banking companies merged in the year 1996 to form one large bank. That’s JPMorgan and Chase. Today, they stand as the biggest bank in America. They’re headquartered in New York City with 94 branches and almost 230,000 employees across 100 different countries.

Bank Of America
Assets: $2.18 trillion
This bank was formed in the year 1904 by Amadeo Giannini. In the beginning, it was named as Bank Of Italy. It later came to be known as Bank Of America. The company headquarters is in Charlotte, NA. They’ve got over 5,100 banking outlets and more than 150,000 employees.

Wells Fargo
Assets: $1.84 trillion
Founded in 1852 by Henry Wells and William Fargo, this bank is headquartered in San Francisco. This banking company is known well to support environmental programs. It’s been ranked first in the list of banks supporting a green movement in 2009. The bank has more than 265,000 employees and more than 8700 branches across 35 countries.

Assets: $1.8 trillion
The Citigroup bank was founded in the year 1812. Citibank is the financial service division of the Citigroup with headquarters in Manhattan, NY. In North America alone, they have 983 branches and more than 15 million users.

Goldman Sachs Group
Assets: $878 billion
This bank was founded by Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs in 1869. They’re headquartered in New York. The bank operates across Asia, America, and Europe. They’ve got more than 35,000 employees. The bank has also acquired General Electric 2015.

Morgan Stanley
Assets: $807 billion
Morgan Stanley is another multinational financial services corporation. They’re headquartered in Manhattan. Today, the bank has more than 1300 offices and 60,000 employees.

U.S. Bancorp
Assets: $428 billion
Known as the fifth largest commercial bank in the US, this bank was founded in 1929. The parent company of this bank is the U.S. Bank National Association. Today, the bank has more than 3000 banking offices across 25 American states.

Bank of New York Mellon
Assets: $372 billion
The bank formed in 2007. It’s more commonly known as BNY Mellon. It’s one of the 20 oldest banks of America. Their initial operations started back in 1784.

PNC Financial Services
Assets: $361 billion
This bank is shortened to PNC. They have deposits of the value of up to $249 billion. The bank has more than 2600 branches. They have both online and mobile services. They stand 5th with the number of branches and have over 9000 ATMs till date.

Capital One
Assets: $330 billion
The Capital One Financial Corporation specializes in credit cards, home, and auto loans. They also do regular banking services as well. It was founded in 1994 in the name of Monoline Credit Card Company. It was later named as Capital One in 2005.