The term storage is usually defined as specific and particular spaces or areas allocated and allotted to store specific items to incorporate systematic living. Keeping up with the definition of it, since the inception of modern day living, storage has been a crucial, essential, and indispensable necessity in one’s life. This word has become so common that considering it a separate commodity is a rarity. The storage business, although a completely isolated business, has amalgamated itself as a part of architectural and interior design in the years of evolution.

Comprehending life without proper storage around oneself is an impossible feat. Since times unrecorded, humans, being an advanced species of living beings, demanded, conceived, and incorporated more of change, which was brought forward by new ideas as the generation proceeded to new millenniums. From the ages when written records of human life does not exist, remains unearthed from the depths of prior colonies, exhibit the beginning of what we know today as storage. Compelled by the mundane requirement of clean and organized living, populations in and around erstwhile cities had begun welcoming the idea of proper storage. Having introduced a wild demand of proper storage options, business in the sector folded multiple times to make it a booming and profitable market. This was long realized as a commodity which will only progress and improve with time and never fall out of the to-do and demand list of consumers.

Fast forwarding our clocks to modern past, just as everything else around the human world participated in a never-ending race of evolution, the storage industry did not stay much behind. The course in which customer’s demand structure changed, the ideas conceived in the now well-known design labs also evolved. From passing through an era of reliable and dependable classical ideas behind storage, to accepting and investing in modern, state of the art designs, which incorporate smart design, clean cut style, and optimum accessibility, the market with its consumer on one end and with manufacturers, new ones and old stalwarts on the other, it has only been an upward trip for both parties.

Moving past once existing stereo types, the young crowd of investors have opened new doors of opportunities and space for younger minds to experiment with their not-so-usual designs and concepts, thus making the market an ideal incubator for new companies and design firms to take birth and grow in.