Investing in the stock market can be both exciting and rewarding, as well as scary and also sometimes end up in loss-making. Whatever your objective is in choosing to invest in stocks, you must take the right steps as you get into this venture. One of the cheaper ways to do this is by investing in Penny Stocks, which also go by the name of Cent Stocks. These are stocks of small, public limited companies that are part of the company’s offering of common shares, and trade on a per share basis often over the counter on the OTC Bulletin Board at a low cost (not literally a cent, but usually under $5 a share). It is this feature, of course, what makes them so inviting an investment opportunity. Is there a catch? Well, yes. The changes of getting scammed or defrauded are high in this low-stakes arena. This is because their low market price also means low market capitalization. They are volatile, and this leaves them open to manipulation by unscrupulous elements.

Now let’s look at some of the best penny stocks out there at the moment, which you can consider investing in some of them are names you’ve likely heard of, while others are less known. But they’re all in sectors that are going to enjoy a boom in the coming days.

Aerotech: This defense design and manufacturing company are heavily invested in drones and virtual reality, which are fast-upcoming technologies and two of the most exciting technologies of tomorrow. Aerotech mostly creates technology for the law enforcement and military sectors. With an eye to the future and cutting-edge technology, the fortunes of the company are sure to rise, so investing in it might be a good idea.

Alibaba Group: This is one of the good penny stocks one can invest it as the company has been growing exponentially and is poised to become the largest retailer in the world. Its IPO makes it to virtually every Biggest IPOs in the US’ list.

Northern Dynasty Minerals: The US is now in favor of, and encouraging, mining prospects. That said, Canadian company Northern Dynasty Minerals does most of its business in the US, where it undertakes mineral exploration. So, definitely, a boom can be expected, making this a good penny stock to choose to invest in.

Celgene Corporation: The makers of Celgene, one of the most sought after and sold pharmaceutical drugs in the world makes this company the best bet for penny stock investors.