It is said that a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Your smile is your most powerful and precious accessory. However, not all of us are lucky enough to be blessed with an alluring smile. But there is a way to reclaim your smile: dental implants. One such clinic is ClearChoice. ClearChoice offers dental care services across its various locations all over the country.

ClearChoice offers services to design and create prosthetic teeth and provide dental implant care. The services on offer include 3D CT scans of the mouth and jawbone, surgical removal of bad tooth or teeth, and implanting prosthetic tooth or teeth. Across it national network, ClearChoice’s experts and consultants guide patients through the process. Prior and post support are also given for a procedure scheduled with ClearChoice. In case of financial difficulty, ClearChoice has the facility to provide financial assistance as well.

In each of its location, ClearChoice has an all-in-one-approach. You have an oral surgeon, a prosthodontist, and a lab under one roof. So, all the procedures for a patient are streamlined. Each of these centers will give you one free consultation. You can meet the doctors at the center and find out about the details of the procedures provided by ClearChoice. You are eligible for one free 3D CT scan. After the free consultation, you will get your potential treatment plan.

Also called as no obligation consultation, free consultation can be scheduled beforehand through the ClearChoice website. You can find details about all the 32 ClearChoice centers spread across 16 states of the country. The website provides all details about the teams in each of these centers. You will find their educational qualifications and medical experience. Each of the ClearChoice dental locations have teams with proven records of expertise in what they do.

The free consultation will also include an estimate of the treatment cost. You will learn about the cost of the procedure suggested for you and the time it will require to complete the procedure. Generally, it takes about one day for a procedure. In case you are unable to play, ClearChoice has multiple payment options for you. They collaborate with healthcare financing companies to provide affordable dental care plans, if you are eligible for such a plan. All the ClearChoice dental locations have a Patient Education Consultant, who will give guidance regarding financial plans that are suitable for your budget.