Most people must have gone through the problems of abrupt sores in the mouth, and they can be extremely painful. There may issue in the internal working of the bodily parts that are causing the sore to appear. You must check the reason for sores in the mouth and get it treated immediately before it causes you to have other problems. One frequently seen reason for sores in the mouth is a disruption in the clean bowel movement. Any stomach issues can result in sore mouth and tongue.

The reasons for sores in the mouth can be any one of these mentioned as under:

  • Prescription Medicines
    If you are suffering from any other ailment and taking some drugs prescribed for the same, you may witness that you have developed sores in your mouth. It is just a coping mechanism of the body, and there is no need to treat mouth sores, as they will go away when you stop taking medicine.
  • Oral Thrush
    If you do have proper oral hygiene, you may suffer from infections in the mouth. The yeast infections in the mouth are known as oral thrush. When the fungus living in your mouth, typically the tongue area, grows uncontrollably, it causes a white layer to develop on the top of the tongue. It can result in foul mouth and sores eventually. You should go for mouth thrush treatment to get rid of these issues and keep up with the oral hygiene thereon.
  • Stress or Tissue Injury
    Canker sores in the mouth can cause a lot of pain in simple things like eating and talking. They develop when you have some physical or mental stress or have undergone an injury or cut in your mouth. Canker sores can stay on for a week to four weeks at a stretch. They may go away on their own, but if you feel that you cannot bear the pain, you must consult a doctor and get medication and treatment that can help revive the situation externally.

Common Area of Sores in the Mouth
It is imperative to understand the areas where the sores have developed. They share a lot about the probable issues you might have internally. For example, sores on the side of the tongue can be canker sores that develop if you have some stress or injury in the body.