Tarps are one of the basic essentials required during a camping trip. They can be used as flooring underneath a tent if the floor of the tent is too thin. Tarps can also be used for a quick shelter for sleeping or put up over a hammock for protection against the rain or wind. While hiking or camping, tarps can be used for covering firewood and protecting it from weather elements. Moreover, tarps can be used as emergency blankets to help someone with hypothermia. Since they are quite durable, the tarps can be folded into sacks to carry goods. Here are some of the most-selling tarps preferred by many for camping and hiking trips.

  • Equinox Egret Tarp: This tarp is made from ripstop nylon, which is quite a rugged material. The nylon weighs just 1.9 oz, which makes the tarp very lightweight as well as strong. It can be easily carried on camping and hiking trips. The smallest size available weighs just 0.7 lbs. Additionally, it has a urethane coating that makes the tarp waterproof. The tarp is available in various sizes—5×7 ft., 6×8 ft., 8×10 ft., 10×12 ft., and 12×16 ft. The grommets are made of metal and are three feet apart from one another. The tarp can easily withstand medium wind. The price ranges from around $24 to $170, depending on the size of the tarp.
  • Aqua Quest Defender Tarp: This is a heavy-duty tarp that is perfect for camping, emergency survival, as well as an awning that you can set up around the house or an RV. Available in sizes such as 10×7 ft., 10×10 ft., and 13×10 ft., this multipurpose tarp has its own stuff sack. When packed, its size is quite small and compact. Thus, it can easily fit into a car truck, truck, boat, motorcycle, hovercraft, and ATV. Moreover, it has a very high hydrostatic resistance, which makes the tarp completely waterproof ensuring that not a single drop of water enters the tent. It does not have grommets and has only tie outs to secure the tent. The price ranges from around $60 to $190 based on the size of the tarp.
  • Geertop 1-4 Person Ultralight Waterproof Tent Tarp: Made with 20D nylon cloth and treated with a double-sized siliconized process, this tarp is highly durable as well as lightweight. It can easily withstand harsh UV rays as well as medium wind. Additionally, it has a very high water resistance level, which makes the tarp completely water-proof. This heavy-duty tarp is ideal for taking along on camping trips as a tent tarp. It has metal grommet eyelets for fixing it up. Moreover, it can be used as a beach mat and a picnic mat too. It is available in five sizes—2’11” x 6’11”, 4’3” x 6’11”, 4’9” x 6’11”, 5’11” x 6’11”, 8’6” x 6’11”. The price of this tarp ranges from $20 to $30.